An honest fiscal watchdog for the people

Richard Manzo for Hillsborough County Treasurer

Our communities deserve a taxpayer's Treasurer.

Entrenched politicians have lost sight of the struggles everyday Granite Staters face. While inflation runs rampant and tax rates soar, the average American still finds it difficult to find even $500 to cover an emergency expense. Republicans and Democrats have turned government spending into just one more bargaining chip to score points and donations from their special interest backers, and Granite Staters are left holding the bag.

Why Richard Manzo?

Richard has a proven record of fighting for the taxpayer as a budget committee member in Goffstown. Serving his community for the last four years in office has only highlighted the need for an independent, forward-thinking Treasurer. Budgets need to not only serve the taxpayer, but be sustainable in the long-term. Granite Staters shouldn't be priced out of their communities because the state government piles more and more bills on top of local taxpayers.

Granite Staters deserve more.

Richard wants to represent you to ensure more money is left in your wallet so you can provide for your family.

This year, try something new.

Declare your financial independence from partisan games. Vote for Richard Manzo for Hillsborough County Treasurer, and help our communities prosper.